View Full Version : Introducing you to a girl BANDOL

Maki Yu.Ki.Ame
07-25-2003, 03:41 AM
I know you click in coz you don't know what a BANDOL is right? ^^ Bandol = Band + Idol

Okay, here it goes.
About a year ago I was watching the Red & White show 2001. There a girl band catched my eyes. This group is called Zone, and the song they performing is "Secret Base ~kimi ga kureta Mono~". It was such a pretty song and I felt in love with it. After that I went online and search for everything about Zone.

Their first debut album was in Feb 2001, their avg age was 13.5 year old! Starting from their 3rd Album, they had been very popular, and was also appeared in this year's Red & White~ They are called BANDOL because they each play an instrument and they are all vocals and they will sometimes dance.

Here~ this is a link to their PVs, see for urself!! True Blue is the newest, then Shiroi Hana.....the oldest one is Good Days.

*however, you MUST see Good Days and Akashi. Good Days had opened my eyes. I have never seen people really DANCE like them while playing music! And as for Akashi, you can see how well they have improved their music playing skills through time!

**I just feel really bad that they are so popular in Japan and yet for some reason not much people know about them. If you guys love astro boy, you may know that they sung the song of the newest astro boy serie.