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02-02-2009, 06:05 PM
Okay so I am going as Misa Misa to AMA and Otakon and I want my friend to go as L or Light. To me, they look rather plain and it's hard to tell when people are dressing up as them. My friend wouldn't want to do something difficult that requires a lot of money since he is looking for a new job after his old one closed. Anyway, to the point, does anyone know of a way to make Light and/or L stick out so they will be more recognizable? My friend definitey has the hair for Light. As far as L goes, I know candy and black eyeliner. There's also my friend carrying the Death Note book but we only have one and I want it ^_^ lol.

Your help is appreciated!


02-02-2009, 09:56 PM
-g- well, rule of con is if you can't recognize the character at all and they have messy spiked black hair, then they're either L or Sasuke ;D (kidding)

Well, it's kinda easy to spot the L cosplayers because most people just assume anyone with a white shirt and baggy jeans is cosplaying L (-mumbles- even if they're not -grumbles--white shirt+loose jeans=Fran's normal lazy day garb). For me, what really makes an L cosplayer stand out is the accuracy of the outfit (little details like the correct neckline, correct shade of jeans, barefooted (or looking like it), extremely accurate hairstyle etc.) and the mannerisms (walking like L, slouching, etc.)

Other than that, as a pair to get recognize...you can try cuffing L and Light together? And er, you can also have Light carry around an apple 8D