View Full Version : Disgaea cosplay ;D

02-04-2009, 09:07 AM
Seriously. Not. Enough. Cosplay. Love. D<
But yeah, I shall be going as Mid-Boss to Anime Boston '09~...Finally got around to sewing up a rough draft out of muslin, now I just need to buy some fabric and get to work, finalize lines and such.
Oh, right. And then I either need to dye my hair or use a wig, though I'm rather partial to using my own hair (And don't particularly care if my hair is purple for long afterwards.)

I get the impression, though, that I'll be a lonely Disgaea cosplayer, from posting on the AB forums. It's less fun unless you can do a full photoshoot ._....
Actually, I'd totally be up for doing a random photoshoot, because you can never have too many. But eh.
Anyone else cosplaying Disgaea?

02-04-2009, 11:13 AM
Ah a mid~boss, how interesting.

I will be going as the great hero, Captain Gordon 37th Defender of Earth, to Anime Central and Otacon.

I'm not very skilled when it comes to sowing, the most i've done in sowing is stich up the front of a Kenoki (Tenchi) plush. SO, i'm having someone else make it, not sure of the fabric i'll have her use.. Maybe Cotton/poly, maybe cotton/duck. not sure.

But i'll have a gun, maybe a light sabre, and of course my trusty jet pack.