View Full Version : War of Genesis 3 cosplay group

07-28-2003, 01:07 AM
A) is anyone out there familliar with war of genosis 3?
B) I am planning on doing a Deimos or an Ashuri cosplay with a Joan Cartwriht cosplayer, tell me which you would rather see! (check my gallery and tell me) ^_^
and C) if you have a WOG3 cosplay or are making one post here! we should have a group and 0\/\/nz0r the con ^_^ lol

07-28-2003, 02:31 PM
heh, I doubt there'll be too many WoGIII cosplayers, but I plan on bringing my Joan costume as Balmung said :3 (by the way, it's spelled Kartright ^_^; )

07-28-2003, 05:51 PM
i'll be doing a WoGIII costume but i think its gonna be put off till AX04 too much work that needs to be done on it... :P