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03-10-2009, 12:22 PM
so my maths teacher wrote a poem its his and his alone i was inspiration apparently about street fighter and i thought it'll be cool to masqurade maybe so i wanna post it up and ask your opinnions on the poem and if its good for masqurade!:
i remember the days when
street fighter wasn't just a game
when blanka and guile
werent just fictinal characters

i remember when i was too short to reach
the joystick in the arcade

but my ears were tall enough to hum
along to the familiar sounds of a well
constructed beating he was giving

nintendo has brought the arcade and his
flawless combinations into my home

i remember the days when being him
was a religous experience
our fighter who art in hadoken
hallowed by the sonic boom
it was my way of life

i never was a mario man
and donkey kong was just plain wrong

street fighter
eight standered figures
perfectly formed
sculpted strong
but fates sealed
they were gonna die
he was gonna kill them

i had my favourite fighter
we all did
so choosing one
was quite easy
but being a young lad
i had a soft spot for china's warrior
so despite being one of the worlds best kickers
and upon spinning bird kick you caught a glimpse of her knickers

chun li wasnt my fighter of choice
no,that statud fell to one of the boys

his red headband tied taut
it whispered leathal combinations to dead men walking
the epitome of disciplin
no need for next if kin
white robe ripples
caging a dragon that screams "aryuken"
ready at any instance to cripple
musles the size of plasma tvs
hadoken fireball unleashed

i could never be ken
whose red robe lies uncomfortably
would rather drink
than sink
gale force 10 hurricane kicks
into opponents heads
he was like the kid at school
who despite being a bit of a fool
had a hidden skill
not afraid to kill
or witness blood spill
ken had the strength of twenty men
but lacked the discipline of ryu
no,i cant be you ken

i remember the days when street fighter
wasnt just a game
when slipping into charecter without realising was the norm
ready to unleash a torrent of hurricane kicks
or anybody foolish enough to fight me
i'd rush home just to hear the soundtrack
and the way i'd contemplate breaking M'Bison's back
knowing that trouble always ensued
mum lost patience abd
dinner would have to wait
i could never br breif
had no time for the russian,zangeif
his pile driver was too complicated for naive fingers
its ryu's dedication that still lingeres
moves much simpiler fo rlearning hands

i remember the days when street fighter
allowed ne to travel
to brazil,thailand,spain and india
to witness fighting of a diffrent brand
when it allowed me to wer his black belt and his taut red headband
to japan...the home of my hero

we hear the bell sound
round one..

its long but not that long when read out takes three mins to read in reality so what do you think?

03-10-2009, 12:40 PM
Awesome, i think you could put that somewhat into the masquerade