View Full Version : Harley from pokemon help

03-31-2009, 07:50 PM
hey I wanna cosplay harley from pokemon and I need some help

here are some pictures

these 2 are drwing but they are pretty good and accurate ones XD mostly

and those are about all the pix of harley I could find XD tho he is all over youtube sorta XD

my issues are one! his hat. I dont have the slightest clue how to make it or what to make it out of. maybe felt but I still dont know how to make it. the top is what really confuses me and ya XD any help with the hat could be apprieciated

2 his shirt. should I make it from scratch or but a shirt and alter it. andwhat should I make it out of

his jacket. I dont have a major problem with the jacket (at least not yet I ahven't looked for patterns) but his diamond things on his sleeves and down/up his opening should I just sew those over the main fabric. I think thats what I should do but I'm not that good at sewing and often mess these parts up. and should I just use a t-shirt patter and alter it and add a coller or should I use like a jacket pattern if there is one thats nots all fancy

and finally his pants. same thing with the diamond things on account of his pants being a color pants aren't usually I should make them (so they also match the jacket) pants are evil. is there a simple pants pattern that I could use that anyone knows of. and his belt thingy. how exactly do I do that?? that is the most confusing thing for me with the pants

sorry I asked so much but I'm not that good at sewing and also what would be the best fabric to make this whole thing out of.

04-05-2009, 04:10 AM
maybe what you can do with the hat is
find something thats similar shape (one of those traditional chinese/japanese bamboo hats would work)
then just put the green cloth over it, that might be a quick and economic solution :D
his shirt looks pretty simple, the only thing thats different is the part around the belly button, you can also find a shirt that you don't really care for anymore thats the right color, and just cut that part out
if you want to make it yourself, cotton blend would be a cheap and easy fabric

the belt, I usually like to use ready material
i would try to find a belt and just create a *cover* for the triangle area

i just like to be economic when it comes to make costumes xD

hopefully this helps a little~