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07-31-2003, 10:58 AM
If anyone's interested, we created a site almost 4 months ago that includes much info and other japanese music related things. A few rundowns of what's on the site at the moment:

* Weekly and monthly and new music (reviews and such)
* Forums (just like these, cept they're ours :P and with a lot less people ~_~)
* BBR comics (see the comic form, drawn and edited by our own people, of what the story is behind how the site became into existance)
* Weekly/Bi-weekly columns (different columns {only a Q&A at the moment} from different members / frequent guests of the site)
* Band / Artist (japanese) info, pictures, reviews, recommended songs, and screenshots of pvs*
* Other media (wallpapers, fanart, etc)
* Contests (the one running now is a review contest, the more reviews you send of different artists/bands/singles/albums/pvs/concerts/etc, the better chance you have at winning: Two prizes. The first is a personalized avatar, like the ones we use for our reviews and forum (see the band and artist sections for more info), and the second prize is a single, of your choice, from yesasia (must have a retail of under $25)!!! Also there's another contest where you can win your own e-mail address @byebyereality.com

So come check it out if you wish. It'd be cool if you could, ^_^. Thanks for listening!