View Full Version : The Great YoumaQuilt Project!

Raiji Magiwind
04-13-2009, 09:09 PM
I figured I'd talk a little about a project I'm working on at the moment for debut at Youmacon 2009, as my special way to show my love to Youmacon and celebrate it's 5th anniversary... the YoumaQuilt Project!!!

This project is basically a quilt that is being made by hand (as in all hand cut and stitched), and is comprised of 4 chief panels which are the designs from the first 4 years T-shirts... 2005-2008. These are basically a cotton material.

The panels that will connect them will be purple and green polar fleece panels. Polar fleece for the symbolic of the cooler seasons that are starting around Youmacon time, and the green and purple along with the black t-shirt panels to symbolize Youma's tradition of occurring around Halloween.
The back panel will be black polar fleece and possibly a second muslin panel for more doodle space....

The central panel on the front though is the main focus of this project for it is a huge 38"x48" (approx) panel of unbleached stiff muslin, and this is where my fellow Youma con goers, artists of AA, dealers, guests and staff can help the most.
The reason behind the central panel being done like this is because I want YOU to help design it!

Depending on how things go, I will either set it up in the one open area (where the chairs and stuff are) near AA side of the con for signings/doodling at various times, or if I am able to have it displayed in AA somehow, I invite all con goers, AA artists, dealers, staff and guests to sign, doodle, or leave a short message (nothing overly vulgar folks!) on there about there Youmacon 2009, or even just a simple comment about the quilt. My plan is to once I return home is to 'heat burn'/set the ink from all these comments, signatures and doodles to the muslin.

For AA artists, I am also willing to bring the quilt to your table if you cannot leave, and I will try and have a small board or embroidery hoop or something so you can add your mark if you wish, while having a way to taunt the surface or have a hard surface behind the area you wish to write upon. Just ask me.

As it stands of this post the final rough size of this quilt is about big enough for a Queen bed, so it's about 100x90 in roughly...based on the measurements of the completed front panel....