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Zephyr Rhapsody
08-02-2003, 09:01 PM
The overlooked gem that is Anime USA is drawing near, and where will YOU be? Will you be at home in Richmond practicing your katakana, only to realize that too many symbols look like smiley faces and they confuse you? Maybe you'll be in your room in Philadelphia taking your level 58 Sora up against Sephiroth, only to realize that you're screwed from the start! Maybe you'll just be ogling your Chi wall scroll in Dayton, debating with yourself the nature and moralities of anthropomorphic androids - only to realize that you like looking at her underwear poses.
Well, not only will Anime USA cure the lonely otaku blues, but you also will not have to worry about your roommate walking in on you! Remember: It's okay to love your Chobits wall scroll, but don't LOVE your Chobits wall scroll.

Anime USA will also be returning with bigger and better games from the lunatics at Zephyr Game Shows. Not only will they be introducing a popular, new game show, but they will also be returning with their infamous "Anime Name THat Tune." Not only is the game fun for eight contestants and awards many prizes to audience members - but now the contestants will be playing for something more than DVDs and manga. This time around, they will also be playing for the chance to represent our awesome Tysons Corner convention in the "2003 Anime Name That Tune Championship" at Katsucon in February! The victor from Anime USA will be invited to Katsucon where they will face off against the possible representatives from Otakon, Katsucon, Anime Boston, Ikasucon, Ohayocon, and others for some of the biggest prizes ever seen!
Not only will this determine the best of the best from as far west as Ohio through historic New England and down into the nation's capitol and through Virginia; but this will bring every convention together for a single cause. Never before has there been such unity between the anime convention circuit, but the representatives will vie for theirselves and for their conventions to determine 2003's bragging rights - and all while bigger prizes are awarded to the contestants AND the audience.
So, will YOU be that Anime USA representative underdog trying to upset the size-backed Otakon and Anime Boston? We will find out, and there will always be guaranteed fun and surprises (and Super Cool) at every turn.

Have fun, minna-san!

- Corey
Zephyr Game Shows

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