View Full Version : Sunday Naruto Cosplay Group

05-10-2009, 11:20 PM
On Sunday at AE, My friend and I will be dressed in our Shippuden version Naruto characters and we also have some friends dressing with us. Our plan is to do a photoshoot, make some silly movies and just go around having fun as the largest group that we can. As it stands we do have a few people but want more, in fact we want any and all to join us, but there are a few spots we would like to have filled for the movies that are planned and such.

Heck, if we get enough people we have a possible skit for Saturday... but we aren't banking on this unless we get some serious interest!


Character's Filled: (or definite)
Shippuden(or time skip)
Hyuuga Hinata - Hitwoman
Yamanaka Ino - Smarebear
Uzumaki Naruto - Zeph
Ebisu(closest Pervert) - Skelanth

Character's Reserved: (or maybes)
Shippuden(or time skip)
Rock Lee - suxathealing
Nara Shikamaru

If you would like to join us please post! If you have a cosplay already we would love to see pictures! If you don't that totally okay and we would love to help you get it ready in time! Also, we are not totally anal, if you want to join and have a costume or are wanting to do a costume that is already on the list please do so! Although we are hoping for as many different characters as possible, and of course need some bad guys, we have no problems with double costumes as it leads to interesting pictures and such!

Thanks again for looking and reading over!