View Full Version : NYAF 2009! Let's Beat the world record photoshoot! ALL COSPLAYERS GATHER!

05-15-2009, 11:39 PM

The task is simple, every cosplay will gather at New York Anime Festival for the BIGGEST COSPLAYER PHOTOSHOOT! Yes everybody!! the date will be the saturday, where the most people go to the con. Let's beat the Guinness World Record and be on it!

tell your friends relatives and family to come and see your awesomeness. Of course, we'll be dancing Hare Hare Yukai, Caramelldansen, Lucky star, the scallion dance, paffendorf, and etc.
ALSO, if you have a talent that you can show off at the gathering, please prepare it! like a cool move, your singing, your dance, maybe perform a magic? I'll be singing Final Fantasy Themes! + Dance to the music

You can bring your own boom box, or ipod with speakers, the louder the better, all the 9000 cosplayers shall be able to hear!

you can contact me at:
AIM: KelakelaJappy
MSN: Romance_lanka@hotmail.com
myspace: Ride_on_Cosmos@live.com

I also have many cosplays that I can rent for people, I carry Final Fantasy, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Burst Angel, Prince of Tennis, Lolita, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem and etc.

the following is the link to see which ones are available for you to rent
you can either make the request on myspace or directly contact me.

Also, for Final Fantasy and Tales of the Abyss and Naryto cosplayers, we will have photoshoots on all three days, please contact me for more detail. I have separate threads for these so check them out also in the forum!

very excited to hear from you!! i'd like to know what you'll cosplay as! [/B]