View Full Version : original "cosplay"?

Otaku Gunso
06-19-2009, 10:08 AM
well I guess if its original dunno if it can really be called cosplay but yea I made this outfit for the last day of animeNEXT and its an original outfit that I made myself.


the jacket, pants, and shirt are all made by me, I also made the happy star thing I'm holding, and everything else is just added accessories. The history on it was actually inspired by some outfits from aicle a group I listen to.


yea lets get one thing straight here, inspired doesn't equal cosplay so I don't want any insults saying "oh well that looks nothing like whatever" and stuff X-x but yea. They were the first inspiration to make it but then I took from other inspirations such as akihabara shounendan dennou romeo(they don't make music anymore ._.) and an cafe. I only have full pics of the jacket because I had to sew most of everything in secret because I wasn't sure about what kinda approval I woulda gotten from my parents about my left thigh being expose but meh I'll get those pics later hopefully.

http://i40.tinypic.com/2csc2rp.jpg front
http://i44.tinypic.com/16l08qe.jpg back
http://i41.tinypic.com/2i0gqoz.jpg side

the pants I was originally gonna do both sides short like that but then I thought of how my parents would probably flip out on me. After seeing this video


I thought of what to do to make them longer but the bottom piece kept falling so I put 2 little pieces in the front and back so it wouldn't fall down. After I tried them on in a little heat wave of sorts I realized wit that heavy fabric and the fact that its black its gonna be really really hot so then I made the other side shorter so I guess wit that the aicle inspiration came back into play and the jacket I can say is somewhat the an cafe inspiration

link to source > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYkp98nNxzM

miku's jacket thing but mine is obviously different and once again I had that issue wit my sleeves falling down so the strings are there. Ok so back on the pants/shorts, whatever PANTALOONS I don't know what ta call those craps but after I realized how hot it would be I made the other side shorter but being careful not to make it too short or else I'd end up in crap wit my parents. then instead of using the same I wanted to use a different fabric instead and make it more "flair" like a thicker bell bottom type thing I guess you can call it for that side. Once again problem keeping them up so the helper strings are there so the whole thing doesn't fall down all the time and what not. Another thing that saved my butt was the pink sash thing I sewed around the waist of the pants so that I wouldn't be so "exposed" in the back and what not but also I thought that looked awsome so yea its FTW. but yea thats basicly that wit the pants and jacket, and the shirt I couldn't really put together what I truely wanted to do and also due to weather permiting issues there was also the fact it'd probably be really really hot so I just threw together a little tank and thats that.

anyone else every came up wit an "original" cosplay?