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When: September 6 and 7, 2003.
Arrival Time: 2pm on Saturday the 6th
Departure Time: 1pm on Sunday the 7th
Location: William Heise County Park - 4945 Heise Park Road, Julian, CA (about 50 miles NE of San Diego, or 40 miles east of Escondido. Heise is pronounced “HIGH-see”)
Cost: Free (parking may be $2 if you arrive late)

This is a private, closed event, hosted by Cosplay.com. Only cosplayers are allowed to attend, along with one guest max. Please exercise discretion if bringing a guest, as we have a max capacity in our group area and this may fill up quickly. Your guest will be required to follow the same rules as everyone else attending.

The gist of the event is that we will all get together in the afternoon to do photos (a la the Balboa Park and Irvine shoots) and then change into regular clothing and camp overnight. We can also do some nighttime shots in the woods in the immediate area if it doesn’t disturb other campsites.

PLEASE REMEMBER that this is a camping trip. This will not be in a small park, it is in a large campground up in the Laguna Mountains, around 4500 feet up. It’s a nice park/campground serviced by the county of San Diego, and has plenty of facilities. But if you plan on hiking around the trails (and this place has tons of great hiking trails), be aware that you’re going to be way out in the mountain wilderness. There are many scenic views a mile’s hike from the location we’ll be staying at.

Anyone attending MUST R.S.V.P. by Sunday, August 31st so that we can keep track of our final headcount. Please let us know by then if you are in fact bringing a friend/significant other. If we do reach the max number of attendees we will place people on a waiting list.

2pm-6pm? photos
6pm-8pm BBQ
8pm- Camp Stuff
Sunday 11am – site cleanup
Sunday 1pm – leave

Cosplay.com is paying the camping fees. We have 13 allotted parking spaces, after that it is $2 per car to park in the general parking area. We have a group area for 30 people and four individual 8-man campsites 50 feet away down some steps, for a max of 62 guests. We are anticipating less than the max # of guests, but we can fit 62 people if necessary (max # allowed by the campground rules according to the camping space we've rented).

With the exception of cosplay.com, all photography done at the event must be for personal use only. All cosplayers attending must sign a model release in order to be photographed by cosplay.com. This is a private event paid for by cosplay.com, so no “press coverage” is allowed without our permission.

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to stay overnight by yourself. If you are under 18 years of age, you may stay but only with a parent as your guest. You can stay with another adult only with written permission from your parent/guardian stating that they are responsible for you. If you are under 18 you must have permission from your parent or guardian to sign the model release, and they must affirm this by signing it along with you.

You are not required to sign a model release and get your photos taken to join in, but that’s kinda what the point of the outing is all about. ;)

We will be providing two large tents for those of you who do not have a tent to bring. Due to the nature of having costumes with us, these tents will have a max capacity of 10 people TOTAL, and are available on a first-reply basis. We may have additional arrangements by the time of the outing, so let us know if you are looking for a tent-mate.

What to bring:
- Your costume(s). Since we have tents, we have a place to change, so if you want to bring more than one that’s fine. If your costumes are intricate we’d suggest only bringing one or two, as we may not have enough time to photograph more than that. I would also suggest not bringing anything showing too much skin, since if you trip you’re going to fall into scratchy bushes and not onto a soft hotel carpet. This will be a great opportunity to do LOTR type cosplay, for example.
- A change of clothes. Bring something that covers your legs and arms for the evening, as bugs like to come out at night and play. You may wish to bring something comfortable like shorts and a t-shirt and then a change of jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Since we'll be at a higher elevation, it can get colder at night.
- A tent (if you’re not signed up for one of the cosplay.com tents – and those may fill fast). If you have a large tent and wish to offer some space for other members, please let us know and we can help fill it.
- Sleeping bag and pillow.
- Toiletries (toothbrush, toilet paper, any medicine you need, etc.)
- Bug repellant (if you get bit easily)
- A towel. Campgrounds aren’t hotels. :)
- Food. We will not be providing food for this event because last time I spent more time cooking than photographing. So bring whatever you wish to cook/eat. We will provide a couple of coolers but that’s about it. If people would like to coordinate some food/beverages please discuss on the forums. Remember to bring enough to eat if you’re staying overnight and wish to have something to snack on later.
- Water/Drinks. If you’re staying overnight, you could be around for almost 24 hours. There is a convenience store on the site but it won’t be open super-late.
- GOOD SHOES. Don’t come in flip-flops, you’ll regret it. If you plan on hiking around a bit make sure you bring something closer to hiking boots.

What NOT to bring:
NO weapons, real or fake. Campground rules.
NO pets.
NO alcohol or drugs.
NO loud music.
NO smoking. Campground rules prohibit smoking due to the ease of starting forest fires.

Some other things to consider –

- Though there are bathrooms at the campground, don’t expect them to be “full service”. If your costume requires a mirror to put on makeup, please put the makeup on before you come to the campsite. If your makeup requires taking a long hot shower to remove all of it, you’ll probably be disappointed because you’ll be sharing a restroom with dozens of other people. In other words, you may want to keep the intricate costumes at home for this.
- Please respect the other campers and stay near our own sites. Most people go camping to “get away” from the real world for a bit, seeing a bunch of people running around their sites in bright and tight clothing will probably result in quite a few complaints and us getting kicked out. Our area is somewhat secluded so we should be fine as long as people stick near the site while in costume. There will be ZERO tolerance for any goofing off that disturbs other campsites.

More information will be posted in this thread as it becomes available.

08-11-2003, 07:21 PM
Here are a couple of maps showing the campground and park areas, trails, and exact places we're staying at.

Main map

Site map. We have "group camp area 2" along with areas 71, 73, 74 and 75.