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07-20-2009, 07:16 AM
Haha! I'm back for another con with my Toradora girl school uniform; the first one being AnimeNEXT. Anywho, I doubt anyone is going to cosplay this series! Do I get a chance to be unique like last time (sorta, since there was single Taiga cosplayer other than myself) and no one know what the heck I'm cosplaying as? MAYBE. It all depends on who posts in this thread... If there are any Toradora cosplayers, we MUST meet up and do a photoshoot or at least hang out.

If you came into the thread wondering "Toradora? I've never heard of it!" Well, it's fairly new (2008-ish for the anime) and it's a fantastic romantic-comedy. It's a story of a group of friends and some of them secretly love each other, yet they just can't quite say "I love you" to that person. Here's the opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxtg7KEuuSw If you're interested, go watch it! :D

I'm most likely going to be Minorin so I can shout random things to people, become THE DIET WARRIOR, imitate her insane laugh, and not act all grumpy as Taiga. BUT, if I fail to get a wig for my Minorin cosplay, I'll have to buy a bokken, style my hair again, and cosplay as Taiga. I only have plans to go on Saturday currently and maybe Sunday, depending on how the trains are since I live in New Jersey.

List of cosplayers:
~ Acro - Minorin
~ ahhhleeeee - Taiga

09-25-2009, 10:21 PM
ehe, im going as taiga!
see ya' there!