View Full Version : Foam and Spandex

08-01-2009, 01:28 AM
Please pardon the strange title -bow-

Anyways, as my first post here, I'm simply asking for a bit of advice.

A friend of mine and I want to do something insane, unique, and simple for Anime North. The idea that came up was to actually cosplay as Israfel from Neon Genesis Evangelion - I'd be the silver one, he'd be the orange one.

Now, we've figured out that, to keep a cohesive form and shape, we're going to be using a fair amount of spandex and foam. We'll use Foam to make:
-The shoulder portions.
-The waist piece.

Somehow, we plan on attaching spandex sleeves/pants to the pieces, so that the costume looks cohesive, is easy to move in, and also maintaining the shape of Israfel's arms and legs.

My question is thus: What is the best way to attach spandex to foam (Likely styrofoam, or something along those lines - something we can easily get in large blocks)?

Any help would be appreciated -bow-