View Full Version : Very Grafic Manga.

08-12-2003, 10:43 PM
Wow, I just read Battle Rotale 2 And Gawd is that Manga Graphic i mean this guy Kazuo is stting there and then he sees some bullies and starts Beating then up with a book and Wow the scenes i tell ya are not for people with weak stomachs lol. so basicly its based on a 9th grade class thats put on an island and then hired for all of them to kill each other untill there one left! *faints* lol well besides that i think its a pretty good Manga.

08-12-2003, 10:47 PM
Read the Battle Royale novel and watch the movie. Excellent stuff. Not as graphic as the manga, but good stuff nevertheless.

08-17-2003, 01:00 AM
yeah the manga is awesome, i saw the movie and read the two vol. of the manga currently out. i like the manga more, but the movie has better looking characters IMO, but it is hard to compare manga and live action

08-17-2003, 03:14 AM
The only reason that the movie compares to the manga is because the art in that manga is very good *_*

08-17-2003, 11:46 AM
i love the manga even though i have not seen the movie i plan on cosplaying shinji mimura from the manga because from what i have read so far he is my favorite