View Full Version : Transportation Problems

08-03-2009, 03:51 PM
So I'm making Saix's Claymore (http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn96/Mana-chan/cosplay/Kingdom%20Hearts%20II/Organization%20XIII/7%20Saix%20-%20Kelly/Saix2.jpg) from Kingdom hearts two. 4'5" I'm pretty sure it was. I am hoping to bring it to Anime North next year.
Which is an 18 hour drive (So two days)...

We hope to find a friend who can drive us. But we'd hope they have a van or a truck to seat four. If they have a CAR...
Where and HOW would I put the beast? Trunks aren't that big.. at least ours isn't.
My Grandfather isn't keen on the idea of attaching it to the roof for an 18 hour drive. Putting it in the backseat with two people isn't that great, nor is between the seats (Front and back, with handle in the rear view window).

I would love to bring it. And I'm not sure if the local con would let me bring it in...

Any ideas other than 'don't attach the handle until you get there'? (Cuz them I'd have to rip out the handle and ruin the inside to bring it back!)