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08-04-2009, 02:53 AM
Hey guys, as of recent I have had a lot of question about how I made my Rikku thief from FF X-2 Scarf. I will be adding some pictures shortly but hopefully this will help a lot of people until I do! Enjoy!


Items you will need:
Cotton Yarn*
Rit Dye **
Spray Bottle ***

*I suggest buying the cotton yarn on a big spool not in balls because it's hard to gauge how much you will need. You will use a lot of yarn in the making of the scarf, especially in the fringe. You can buy this at Jo-Anns or Micheals. Any craft store that sells yarn will sell 1oo% Cotton Yarn.

** Rit Dye is a fabric dye that has been around for years and I swear by it. You can find this most likely at the grocery store or any craft store like Jo-Anns or Micheals. It comes in two forms, a liquid in a bottle and in dry form in packets. Both work just as well, I prefer dry form for the scarves and i'll explain in a bit. Katie Blair's Wig dye is made to be used on Wigs Only!! (Hence the name "Wig Dye") Its is made from Shaprie Marker Inks and if you use it on your skin it could get ugly!!

***The reason for the spray bottle is to ensure pretty fading! I have tried many a time to do bucket dying and allow gravity to do the work but you don't get even results and sometimes the color just runs and streaks down instead of getting a nice mistful fading effect. (The scarf I am wearing in my pictures in the gallery is sprayed.)


1. Knit/Crochet your scarf to your pleasing with the fringe and such. Allow for it to stretch because Cotton will Stretch!!

2. Hand wash the scarf with normal detergent and rinse it very well. Let it dry completely before moving on. By washing the scarf, you are insuring that there isn't any dirtyness or oils or grunge that will cause the dye not to stick. It will also loosen up the cotton fibers so they aren't so stiff! If you try to move on without the scarf being dry, you risk the colors not being so bright but it isn't a big deal. You will do multiple coats so if you can't wait for it to be bone dry, move on.

3. Lay your scarf out flat in a U shape outside on the pavement or ontop on newspaper or towels you can get rid of. When you spray the dye, sometimes the spray goes further away and all over things. Cover everything!! I can't stress this enough.

4. Break out the spray bottle! Make sure it's made of plastic and you don't mind it changing colors. Fill it up just a little with hot/warm water and begin adding the dye in. I start with yellow. Shake the bottle well making sure all of the dye is dissolved before you move on. If not, when you spray it, you will have spots of dye particles all over your work!

5. In your mind, map out on the scarf how far you want the red to go, the orange and the yellow. You want to make this even so make sure it laid out flat and in an even U shape. You want to spray each color on the scarf solid chunks first, no fading yet! Thats comes later! So, begin spraying the yellow heavily on both of the ends to the point you want it. Spray above the point you want it because that will be your fade area for the orange! you don't want to end up with too much orange and not enough yellow because you will be spraying over the yellow. You want the scarf to be completly dripping. None of the fine misting crap. Spray the heck out of it. You can even use your hands (with gloves of course) to move the yarn around as you spray so you can get it really soaked. You will have to flip the ends over and spray the back side just a bit but you should be ok.

6. Now you have to sit and let it dry. Using a hair dryer will not help. The color has to sit for about 3O minutes and soak into the fibers.

7. Then you need to take it to a sink that is ok to get a little discolored or you can use a hose and rinse it outside. The dye can stain sinks but i move quickly so I don't usually have a problem. With gloved hands, begin rinsing the scarf in cool water squishing it and mushing it to get all of the color out. When the water starts to run clear, rinse it under warmer/hotter watter and continue until all the color is out. Sometimes there is still more color left in there! Now dry it off with a hair dryer so it isn't dripping wet and move on!

8. Now, add a little bit of orange to the yellow dye already in the bottle. Just a smidge though so you can get a yellow/orange color. Shake it up. Now go back in and begin spraying the next color onto the edge of the yellow and up and above. This will be your fading. Hold the sprayer back farther so you can get better fading. You will need to flip the ends over again and spray.

9. To move into orange, dump out the bottle of dye and mix a new bottle of just straight orange dye and spray away!

10. Rinse again but be careful not to rinse the orange into the yellow!! You may get some discoloring!

11. Mix Red into the Orange. Spray Fading.

12. Spray Red.

13. Rinse.

14. Soak the entire scarf in bucket or sink of warm water and swish it around. You want to make sure you get all the dye out so when you wear it, it won't rub off on your skin! I didn't rinse the scarf the first time very well at all and I had light staining on my neck. If you rinse it until the water runs clear, you should be fine!

15. Let it dry flat outside or throw it in the dryer on LOW HEAT and with a few other towels and you are ready to wear your masterpiece!

05-25-2010, 09:48 PM
for the knitting, would you suggest the knit stitch or purl?
or could i use one of those cheat looms like this: http://www.instructables.com/image/FXOX28LF0H63NI3/Casting-on-a-knitting-loom.jpg
only half of the circle? i already know how to use these but i dont know how to knit traditionally, sadly. The loom does a knit stitch.