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08-07-2009, 12:00 AM
Okay me and a friend are trying to make prop weapons for our .hack// cosplay's. My friend is cosplaying Atoli from GU and I am cosplaying Subaru from Sign. we have no idea how to make the base of both the staff and the axe. we need to find a sturdy way to make the base, then we are going to coat it in paperclay, then sand it. Is there any good ideas how to make the base of the staffs? For Atoli we have no idea how to form the "petals" on the staff, nor the balls on the staff. For Subaru I have no idea how to make the base for the axe. So far I am running on the idea on once we get the poles to make each staff, I was going to make a cardboard base on the end and coat that with paperclay. Is there any better idea's out there?

This is Atoli and her staff:

This is Subaru's Axe: