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08-10-2009, 01:02 PM
Hello everyone! This my first post and unfortunately I have nothing to share at the moment. I will however have a new costume up in a few months if I can find this item. I tried posting this earlier and there was an error so if this is a repost I apologize.

Im looking for a dome. Plastic or similarly ridged and durable material about 12"s in diameter. It can be clear or any color it doesnt matter. And most importantly, CHEAP!

Ive found domes on various plastic supplier's sites online but they are all to expensive. I had held out hope to find some sort of plastic collender or bowl that would suffice but so far no luck.

Thanx in advance!

08-10-2009, 04:53 PM
Why not just get a rubber ball of the same size and then use it to make the dome out of either paper mache or fiberglass? It wouldn't be too terribly expensive.

08-10-2009, 10:49 PM
Its almost halloween again, start looking for candy dishes! Walmart should have bowls this size, just look for punch bowls.

08-11-2009, 01:33 AM
Thanx for the suggestions. I looked up an old tutorial on here for a Desert Punk costume by gundamben831; in it he supplied this link...


Should work out perfect provided I can cut it without cracking it. Ive read about working with acrylics but if anyone has any tips on cutting etc it would be very helpful.

Thanx again!