View Full Version : Azula's beach party accessories help

08-10-2009, 01:16 PM
So, I've arranged with an Avatar to go to an upcoming convention. And I'm going as Princess Azula in her beach party outfit.

There's a little problem. She wears in the show a necklace thing, a sort of an arm band a an accessory that I don't even know what it is :)

here are some pics:

So, the thingy in her top is pretty much a semi-circle with the insignia of her nation (you can't really see it). Same goes for the arm band (it looks like a bracelet).

I've seen people make the necklace and the thingy out of cardboard, but I guess it isn't that accurate. As for the arm band, I have no clue as how people make it.

So, I really need ideas and help as how to produce those accessories. :toothy:

thanks guys!