View Full Version : Minun Headband+Tail

08-12-2009, 03:38 AM
I'm currently making a Minun Gijinka cosplay for Matsuricon 09, but I got real forgetful and didn't buy the Minun ears I spotted on Ebay and now they're gone. :/ So now I'm stuck with a full cosplay, and no ears or a tail.

I've tried making a tail once, and it turned into epic fail. xD I'm not ready to try and make the headband because I'm afraid to mess up and I'm very limited on fabric.
And I've made cosplay's before, like my Kagamine Rin cosplay was completely hand made besides the shorts and shirt.

I'm just not used to working with weird shapes, plus I hand sew so everything takes longer.

Any tips or maybe some patterns you guys have to share with me before I use the rest of my fabric~?