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08-12-2009, 09:14 PM
Monoko (http://local-static0.forum-files.fobby.net/forum_attachments/0014/6525/monoko_large.PNG)
Real ingame footage, yay.

Anyway, I'm attempting a Monoko from the game Yume Nikki NEXT YEAR (Giving me time to get the arms).

I'm looking for realistic arms, where I can buy (in UK or ships to UK), or make them.
Also, I will be wearing a wig, how will I get the arm on her head to stay?

Someone suggested sewing, but how will the wig stay on my head?

edit: i am fine with fabric/plush arms.
if someone suggests this, how can i keep it white and not get too dirty?

editedit: i have finally found ONE monoko cosplay. and the arms were sleeves and gloves sewn together. but my question about keeping it clean.
the con is in London and I'm going to be outside all day with a hand on my head.