View Full Version : Fai D. Flourite Staff - HELP!

08-25-2009, 11:44 AM
I can't seem to find a good, clear picture of Fai's staff. And even if I do, I wouldn't know how to start.

So I ask, oh magical beings of intelligence and wonder -- What the frack should I even make it out of? What about the little jewels and the wonderfully transparent crystal in the middle? Will my brain melt in the process? Where does the magic blue smoke go when you let it out of the electronics?

Please, oh wise beings of Cosplay.com's Props and accessories forums, please help me! You're my only hope...

08-25-2009, 12:13 PM
First you need to choose a staff base. Either a wood rod(dowel), curtain rod, broom handle...y'know that sort of thing.

For the staff head people use numerous things. Pink foam coated with gesso, plywood wood carved (obviously calls for tools), foam board, wood surrounded by foam board...

The jewels; you can make or buy resin gems. Another option is those glass pebbles you put in fishbowls/flower vases that come in varying sizes and shades.

The big honking gem; Vinyl (thick), acrylic sheeting (calls for tools), clear plastic sheeting, fun foam...

08-25-2009, 06:09 PM
I found this picture to be very helpful while I worked on my staff:
Unfortunately, I can't find the full image of the picture anymore, which would've been so much more useful. D:

Another good material for the main "stick" part of the staff is PVC piping, which can be bought super cheap, it's fairly light, and the people at Home Depot and Lowes will actually cut it down to the right size you need if you ask. (But you're still buying the whole, long rod, not just that piece)

As for the rest of the staff, I definitely wouldn't recommend using only foam board or else something like this might happen:
(My poor, poor staff TwT) Though, like o01101011 said, using it over something like plywood would give it more stability.

As for the tiny jewels, I used the small little crafty glass pieces used to decorate glass bowls. It worked well for me:

And an interesting idea for the large jewel that I did for my staff is using a block of styrofoam. Though keep in mind, it can take a while to make and a bit of paint. I took the block of styrofoam and carved it into the shape of the jewel (This can be messy so do it outside). Then I took a light shade of blue and paint it over and over trying to fill in the holes until it has a smooth appearance. (I used about 1/2 of my 8 FL. oz bottle of "Blue Heaven" Delta Creamcoat acrylic paint and I loved how it came out.) Then I used a "gloss" paint to make it shiny and give it the appearance of stone.