View Full Version : Adjusting Latex Stockings (or getting them to stay up!)

08-30-2009, 12:10 AM
Hi hi :) (long time lurker, first time poster) I have a problem with some too-big latex stockings so hopefully someone has had a similar problem and can offer a solution.

Last year I made a Liara T'soni Costume from Mass Effect
(if you don't know who that is, here is my costume from last year: http://www.tatterhood.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/page15.jpg )

After some minor tweaking I plan on wearing my Liara outfit again for a con next weekend, but I have a slight problem. I wear thigh-high latex stockings for the costume and they don't fit properly! Because of my long legs and big feet, I had to get pretty large stockings, but they are too big on me - too big that after taking ten steps, they will fall down. When I first wore the costume, I basically walked around with my arms are my side holding the stockings!

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this problem? Has anyone had issues with a large latex item and founds means of getting it 'stay up'/'stay in place'?

Something tells me that sewing them to my shorts would spell disaster. I'm tempted to buy some black duct-tape and wrap that around the stocking tops/my legs. Maybe pin them to the shorts? (but I don't want them to rip!) Do a custom garter belt? :S Best idea right now is to put the latex stockings on, pinch together the extra material together at the side, and then taping that down on itself (this would be hidden by the shirt/dress).

any ideas? :S And yes, I tried working out to get some nice thighs but to no avail.