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08-30-2009, 06:34 PM
ok, i have been searching online to find a (Pucchan) Puppet from the Anime (Best Student Council) i know they sell them or sold them at one time or another,i was watching a Video of a Anime Convention in Japan and saw a booth selling (Pucchan Puppets) looked exactly like the one from Anime!! not crumby looking... but anyways,was curious if anyone knew where to buy one online??

Also since i havent been able to buy one,i am going to have to make one.. im not even sure where to start,what type of fabric to use,or what kinda of foam ect.. like to get the mouth to open and close do i use a piece of cardboard underneath for the mouth? or some other material. im really horrible at making things,i mean i have it perfect in my head and on paper but as soon as i pick up the tools ect. my mind goes (DUH) lol

this project is for my sister she is wanting to go as (Rino) - (Student Council) i thought i was suprize her with a (Pucchan Puppet) Con she is going to isnt till Febuary i beleive,but i know this thing is going to take some time due to fact i work 10-11 hour days ect.. so any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thank You!