View Full Version : Stores or online sites for Victorian Pirate clothes?

08-31-2009, 01:18 AM
Mmkay, so this is for like...a Ren Faire thing, but I need it to look like a specific rich anime character, but he's young...like a little kid.
Think of him as a rich version of Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean, if you didnt know) when he was a kid, but also a bit girly too.
But it needs to be more victorian then pirate, but yah know, a little bit of both.
I live in NY and I need this before September 11th, so I dont think online would help much, since I dont feel like spending alot of money for it.
Sorry if I make no sense, or make it confusing, its my job.

I think this pic might do.

And yes, i posted this on three threads because I wasnt sure where to post.