View Full Version : Help on progressing on my armor xD

09-05-2009, 12:44 PM
So first off, I'm planning to cosplay as the White Tiger Ranger from Power Rangers.
I have have mostly everything planned out, as of right now I am working on the vest armor.

Currently what I have is simple a cardboard base of the armor, without the gold shoulders.
So, thats it, after various searching around, I decided to use pink foam to give it depth, rather than my original layer unholy amounts of cardboard.

Now that I know what my main structure and plan is sort of,how would I paint it?
Should I apply something to the foam before I paint it?
And what paint would suffice for something like this?

And feel free to give some ideas of your own on how I should do this.
Please note, I pretty much close to broke pretty much why I'm making my power ranger costume rather than buying it. xD

Thank you in advance! :3[/CENTER]:confused::confused: