View Full Version : Hellsing: Has anyone done the leather Alucard outfit?

08-18-2003, 06:11 AM
I hope no one minds if I just leap right in, being new here and all. :)

I've just started with cosplay, since I've just got back into anime after a lo-ooong time away. My fiancee really wants to do Alucard, and since he can do the voice and the grin, I'm not going to say no! I'm convincing him that if I make the red coat outfit, he has to have one of the leather outfits, the ones with the straps from the 10th and 13th episodes. One seems to be black with Alucard having white hair, and the other red with black hair.

Has anyone done them? Any pointers/pitfalls? I do have oodles of experience sewing leather and I have two industrial sewing machines, so that's not a problem.

For the red coat, I'm thinking maybe tailoring one in red wool? I can't see it as anything shiny, and I'm mostly addicted to using natural fibers.

I'll be doing Seras Victoria to go with it, since I'd not make a very good Integra, and I already have Seras hair...'sides, it's amazing what someone calling you 'Policegirl' in =that= voice can do to you... <melting off into puddle>