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10-12-2009, 09:01 PM
Hi everyone!

Me and some of my friends are getting together for Wondercon in April. By and large we're not going to be themed, but we decided we'd do at least a walk-on as Batman Villains (The Gotham Public Works!).

The problem is, we're all novices at making costumes. Spenser, our most experienced otaku, has made four. I've made one, as have most of the others. So I've come to you wise gurus of the costume, seeking your help in planning and creating these.

Here's each of our costumes. I'll put each one, who's wearing it, our plan and potential problems. Thanks for helping out.

Person: Me (Dylan)! 6'2", 205lbs
Plan: It's basically a grey suit, a white shirt, a red-and-black tie, and burns. My plan is to go to a thrift store or Goodwill or something and buy a cheap grey suit. Then I'll strategically put lighter fluid on one half of the jacket and light it on fire. I'll douse it before too long, then I'll rub soot on the shirt, tie and pants. Makeup will be tricky, but Spenser assures me he's up to the task. Spenser also has a silver dollar with one half burned, but it's not two-headed sadly.
Problems: Exposed teeth. How am I supposed to do that? I can make an expression revealing half of my teeth, but I can't hold it all day obviously. And if I only do it for pictures, the makeup will be ruined. Also, I'm a tad nervous about burning my jacket. If I don't do it long enough, it'll look bad; and if I do it too long, the whole thing will go up in flames (and possibly things around it!).

The Joker:
Person: Spenser. 5'9", 190lbs
Plan: He's got blue pinstriped pants, a blue shirt and black shoes already. He got fabric and he's planning on sewing the green waistcoat and purple overcoat himself. He thinks he can do his own makeup, he's got green hair dye, and basically he's got this one in the bag.
Problems: None so far. We may run into complications, but this one should be fine.

Senor Bane:
Person: Marcus. 5'8", 220lbs
Plan: Marcus is Bane because he's ripped enough for it. We're going to find a good luchador mask online, he'll wear black pants, a black tanktop and shoes. Fingerless gloves too.
Problems: Tubes. We're not sure how we're going to make the tubes on his back, what to make them out of, how to attach them, etc.

The Scarecrow:
Person: Nathan. 5'8", 150lbs
Plan: Nathan is going to be the Dark Knight Scarecrow. Black suit with a sack and noose over his head, basically.
Problems: Nathan wants something attached to his wrist that sprays purple mist. I'm sure I can rig something up (being the pyro that I am), but I'm not sure if it'll be safe/small/legal, either on the street or in the con.

Harley Quinn:
Person: Cheyanne. 5'4", 130(?)lbs
Plan: I didn't want to ask Cheyanne how much she weighs. The plan is to get two tight unitards- one red, one black. We'll cut them exactly in quarters and sew them back together in the pattern of her costume. Then we'll make a rocket launcher out of... something (I think plastic buckets, Cheyanne wants one that doubles as a huge spudgun) and paint it. We'll also make her hat from the scraps of the two unitards.
Problems: Besides Cheyanne wanting to bring an actual rocket launcher to the con, cutting the unitards will be tricky. We may ask Spenser's mom, an actual seamstress (not just some guy with a sewing machine) to try her hand at it. It'd probably be best to have a woman measure Cheyanne for her spandex anyway. :)

The Penguin:
Person: Larran. 6'0", 130lbs
Plan: Funnily enough, Larran is very, very skinny and very, very dark-skinned, and he's playing a fat white villain. Go figure. Anyway, we're not sure if we should get a fatsuit or not, but besides that he'll wear a white shirt, a black... cravat? Is that what that is? Anyway, one of those, a long black coat (I have a grey one that'll work if we can't nab one cheaply), a black top hat, monocle, long cigarette-holder, black pinstriped pants, and gloves.
Problems: The nose. Not sure how we'll get that to stay all day short of gluing a piece of wood to Larran's nose. Also, where do we get a cravat? I don't even know where to begin with that one. Also also, where does one obtain a fatsuit (if we decide to get one)? How much does it cost?

Person: Sarah. 5'6", 140(?)lbs
Plan: Black unitard, basically. We might try to add a zipper decal if it doesn't have one. We'll also pick up a black belt with large buckle from Goodwill, same with the boots and gloves.
Problems: Unitards are a bit thin for Catwoman's outfit, because... isn't it leather? Can't think of another solution to that though, short of just buying a leather catsuit (which isn't going to happen- they're expensive!). Also, not sure how to make the hat, because unlike Harley's it has to cling to her head and face rather then sit on her head like a normal hat.

The Riddler:
Person: Reshaun. 5'7", 165lbs
Plan: Find a green suit somewhere. Surely they exist. White shirt, black tie. Also, order a green bowler hat. I don't imagine we can find it anywhere but online, so we'll do that. We'll get one of those old-people canes that curve all the way around into a question mark, then spraypaint it gold. We'll also get some black iron-on material, cut them into question marks and apply them to the suit.
Problems: Green suit. I've never even seen one outside of The Riddler in movies, and I wear suits as a daily thing. Also, even assuming we can find one, it isn't likely to be at Goodwill, which means it will be expensive. If you haven't noticed before, we're all cheap bastards, so that won't do.

Poison Ivy:
Person: Esme. 5'10", 160(?)lbs
Plan: Buy a green dress from Goodwill (and I know those exist). We'll get some of that fake ivy you can buy and sew it onto the dress. Esme already has a green cape she can wear, so that's basically the whole costume.
Problems: None really, other than Esme's parents worrying. I think they see all the "strategically-placed leaves" pictures of Ivy and worry about their daughter.

Ra's Al'Ghul:
Person: Mike. 5'8", 175lbs
Plan: Mike might not go, he's not sure yet, so we haven't thought a whole lot about his costume. But if he does, we're going with an alternate color scheme. Because, you see, we already have a truly awesome cloak... but it's blue. So, white shirt, blue vest, black pants, blue cloak.
Problems: The only problem I see is if the cloak doesn't fit Mike, or if he can't take it to San Francisco for a weekend. Also, the goatee might be a problem, but I'm sure we can get a fake one if he doesn't want to rock the "Generation X" look for a week or two before the con.

And that's everyone! Thanks for reading my entirely too long post, and if we see you at Wondercon... I don't know, maybe we'll give you Pocky. :burger:

10-12-2009, 09:40 PM
Riddler Suggestion: Go like Jim Carrey (http://www.posterlovers.com/images/batman/riddler-jimcarrey.jpg)

Ebay Number: 320432461941

My sister went as Catwoman a couple of years ago for Halloween. All she did was buy a cheap "cat woman/girl" costume from a costume store, black gloves, long black nails, and a whip. She glued the nails on to the gloves for the claw effect. I think she paid $20.00 for the costume at a store.

Good luck!

10-13-2009, 08:38 PM
Bump. Please? Help? I know you have opinions. :)

10-28-2009, 08:04 AM
Sounds like a great costume group! for the Riddler you could try dyeing a white suit green, it might be worth a shot... the Harley idea sounds good - just be aware of the cut edges coming to peices, you may have to use a very close stich on a sewing machine to avoid this.
For Bane's tubes, try cutting a hole in the shirt, poking the tube through and plugging the end with a wide base so that is sits under the shirt. You may have to tape it to the skin if the shirt isn't tight enough and the tubes don't stand upright.
For Ivy you could try sicking the leaves to those stick on silicone bras ("chicken fillets") as long as they stay in place :P.
Maybe instead of exposed teeth, you could use makeup for a scarred, shoddily patched up cheek? sort of macabre and stringy looking, redder than the joker's scars. You could also cautiously try coals or burning wood on the suit, its easier to control than a flame. Also misting the suit with water should stop it burning, getting more of a singed look.
The penguin could be quite unique if all skinny, if you dont mind moving away from canon. Otherwise shaping a few cheap pillows might work. A cravat shouldnt be too hard to sew - google a pattern for it?

Hope some of this helps :) Good luck!

12-19-2010, 07:50 PM
I did a riddler for my husband and finding a green suit was pretty impossible. However, I did find a green pajama outfit that looked like a suit. Though a better option would be to get a light colored suit and some spray-on fabric dye and dye it. And if you want to make a cane, I made one with wonderflex, clay-shay (papier mache/clay combo product) and a dowel rod. The most expensive material for that was the wonderflex, but it turned out pretty well. There are some pictures in my Halloween 2010 photo album.

for Harley Quinn, I would recommend you get the unitards larger than needed so there's extra fabric to sew. Otherwise, once you cut them apart and then sew them together, you won't have any fabric for the seam.

Another option is to get a red unitard and spray black fabric paint on in the harlequin design. Or you could go the Arkham Asylum route, which is easier to do.

I have to run for now, but I will come back with more suggestions for the rest of your group :)

Also-a great place to check out is the Superhero Costuming Forum, which has a lot of resources for Batman Villains (including a great tutorial on an inexpensive way to make Harley's mallet)

12-19-2010, 10:12 PM
Ok, for Two Face, your best bet is to add some sort of prosthetic for the exposed teeth. I know there are a lot of people on here who have done fantastic things with Two-Face make-up. Also, do you absolutely want to do the movie/burned version? Or would you consider the animated/comics version? In that version, Two-Face just has a suit that is half black and half white. And then the shirt underneath is flipped and the tie is flipped again I believe.

For Bane, you should be able to find tubes from Menards or home depot or possibly even Auto Zone or some other home/auto supply store. I know that Menards has a whole 'tubing' section and I would assume other home supply stores would as well. From there, you can paint them whatever color. As for attaching them, that's a bit trickier because there's less of a surface on the ends to attach tubes. Not sure about attaching them, but the type of tubes I'm thinking of are fairly lightweight so you should be able to attach them to the tank top. Worse case scenario, you run them through holes in the tank top and use some sort of base on the ends to anchor them under the fabric.

For Penguin, I would think a fat suit would be pricey, and a cravat is a type of necktie, so I'm not sure if that's what you're trying to refer to or not. All the pictures I've looked at show a bow-tie, is that what you're referring to? Because that should be easily found on ebay, at formalwear rental stores (sometimes they'll sell off old ties and things), possibly at Goodwill if you're lucky. And the nose could be some sort of latex sculpted prosthetic glued on with spirit gum perhaps?

If you do animated Catwoman, a unitard is perfect for her. As for the headpiece, Ranma has a really great pictorial Catwoman mask tutorial on his profile that's worth a look and should be able to be done pretty simply. he also talks about it a little bit over on the Batman cosplay thread.

Good luck with all of these! Some will be easier than others to do on a budget, but as long as you're willing to be a bit creative you should do just fun. Batman Villains are a blast. :)

03-28-2011, 10:18 AM
As a Bane cosplayer I say "FORGET THE TUBES!' The guy hasn't had tubes since the late 90's (or at least it's been a while). He is off venom and if he does use it it is in pill form.

And that makes cosplaying Bane so much easier too. :)