View Full Version : Starwind and Bondage Penquin's bucket of infinite...signing?

08-21-2003, 01:37 AM
That's right mofos, straight from SI (and the babble board!), the dapper duo of SW824 and BP will be live at BaaF, complete in cosplay form WITH a panel and signing..sorta...

Seeing how we have no impact on the anime world (Not til BP gets his Zepplien), nor are we recognize by any anime group outside the Otaku Army, our signing will be more of a two man traveling show!!

Our panel (Cosplay script writing) will be on Saturday @ 1pm-1:45, Booth/Edison 5th ..I also have a non-BP panel @ 4 that day, butwho cares about that right. If all goes according to plan, we'll sign whatever the hell u want us to sign, who are we to be picky, afterwards.

Also for the benifit of flash photography, we shall cosplaying all three days,...here's a breakdown on our costumes

Ralf and Yamuzaka- various KOFs

Johnny and Axel- Guilty Gear series

Leon and Seifer-FF8/Kingdom Hearts

Also, BP will be turning tricks for $$$.....