View Full Version : Could Use Help ;~;

12-20-2009, 09:46 PM
Okay, so I live in South Dakota. It's very complicated to explain, but my older sister won't be living in the Cities this time around, and while I took a bus this year, I would rather carpool with someone, if at all possible.

I can go as far as Sioux Falls to be picked up, and I'm willing to put money to gas, up to the cost of a round trip ticket [70$ from SF, to MN] I try not to bring alot of luggage, and what I do bring, I can carry at least part of it on my lap [I usually bring a large duffel bag, and a suitcase, I can carry one, possibly both on my lap if I need to.]

I'm already registered and have a reserved room to use, so having a place to stay for the con isn't a problem, it's getting there.