View Full Version : Shower and Suit Space (not a place to crash, but...) HELP!

Agent Smith
08-27-2003, 11:43 AM
Okay, so the person/people I shared crash space with last year I can't get a hold of this year, for whatever reason.

I was not to reprise my role as a floor manager this year, for whatever reason, negating my chance to do any networking in that respect.

I will be working 15 hours stright on Friday (9am to 2am Friday, and a Saturday shift at 9am to 2pm).

While there are one or two anime clubs gracefully offering crash space, and it looks like I'll have to utilize that... to put it delicately, I'm going to need a place to shower. And sadly, I don't see a pool listed as one of the ameneties, nor do I know about pool shopwer ettiquette if there were one.

And since I will also be running/heading up the whole Animmatirx/Matrix/WHole Lotta Agent Smiths gathering, I'm going to need a place to keep my suit for a day and a half (and then change into).

If you wish to charge a fee to extend your room's shower facilities to me, I'd take it. I'm sorry, but working with people, and esp. when doing the Smith/Matrix stuff, I want my hygeine and appearance to be as good as possible.

Can someone help a guy out?