View Full Version : Gundam Seed VS Astray-X-105 Gale Strike Question

01-12-2010, 09:31 PM
Ok, before I move onto the real issue here, here's a prime example of what the X105 Gale Strike looks like:
Best I could find, but hope it helps.

Now, this new Gundam, which comes from the VS Astray side story, has become one of my new favorites from the Seed universe all together. I bought the model, built it new years eve, and have loved it since then. Loved it to the point where I wanna cosplay it! I've already started assembly for the summer cons, but recently I hit a snag, namely with the back pack. Head height of the model is roughly 7 1/4in tall, with overall being 8in tall, which is no problem for me, since I'm scaling it to my height, which is pretty close to 6ft. However, the backpack, which is about half the length of the height of the mobile suit is giving me concerns. I figure the backpack will be sticking out about a good 3 feet, and considering where a couple cons are being held at, I would have to either stay in the main hall with this huge backpack hanging off me, or just keep it in my car until the cosplay contest starts. That's ok with me, to a extent of course. I have some friends that I know will watch my cosplay if I need to go to the bathroom, or I wanna check out other parts of the con. But the main concern is mounting the backpack onto the torso. At first, I thought of using velcro, but that might not be enough, since there will be a fair amount of weight on this backpack.

What can I use to mount the backpack onto the torso, that will allow me to remove it easily, and that will give me piece of mind that it won't fall off?