View Full Version : Announcing the AOD Cosplay Photo Booth!

01-14-2010, 03:31 AM
There are many great spots in Japantown to take pictures outside. Now, we're offering an additional choice for cosplayers who want to take pictures inside!

AOD is proud to bring, for the first time, a Cosplay Photo booth to our attendees. Professional lighting, backdrop(s), and other equipment will be available for anyone to use to snap photos of their favorite cosplayers. Bring your camera and your cosplayer down to the Dealers Hall and check it out.

In general, the stage setup is ready-to-go, but please be careful and considerate with the equipment. Our Deputy Director is lending his own personal equipment to get this started.

Since the booth is in the Dealers Hall, the booth is only open while the Dealers Hall is open. Operates both Saturday and Sunday.