View Full Version : host club idea.

02-10-2010, 02:20 PM
i got this idea from someone who is doing this at anime north this year, and thought it'd be really fun. since i can't make it to anime north, i thought it'd be nice to do it at the youmacon for 2010.

alright, so i need a bunch of people to dress up as japanese hosts. you don't have to be a boy or asian, but you must be able to pull it off and look good as a man :D

for women, obviously you are going to have to tape your boobs down LOL.

i have good videos and stuff i can send you that'll teach you how to put your hair in host style. it's actually quite fun... for clothing, you'll have to wear something flashy. a nice suit or something, but not just plain black, and boring. hosts love jewelry and accessories. it would be nice though if we could get A LOT of people to do this :D


example of what a typical host style would be ^^ (host credit riku)