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09-03-2003, 01:41 PM
AHHHH New York City...if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere......the only place where u can walking around in costume, only to be out done by a naked cowboy or a guy in a Superman ocstume seliing underwear. This past weekend, BaaF made it's triupant., non-AX assiocated return to the Big Apple. And since my stories always have something stupid happen in them, let's review:

After returning from my morning errands, I get a phone call from eWs minor of doom, the Weazel. According to the weazely one, BaaF folk have been calling him all morning, saying ppl were ready to riot since 10:30 the game room...which i found odd, seeing how the room wasnt suppose to open til 11 (as it said on the webiste). But seeing how we had sum of the consoles and it was 12, we took an express bus to Manhattan from SI (which the driver asked me what my ties to Satan were when he say my gunblade). We got there around 1:30, and spent another 10 minutes trying to get our badges. After do so we spent the next 6 hours the game room, which was pure hell. We ended up running the show (with the help of a great staff, who the majority of u ppl hated)
and deal with all sorts of bullshit from people. My personal fave: Sum broad bitching about how it wasnt right that the smash bro. tourament was moved to Sunday, that the website said it was Friday, and that there was a bigger crowd for SSBM than there was for Halo.

Editor's note: There was no mention of a SSBM melee toruney on the BaaF website,let alon any mention of the game, there was A HUGE following for Halo, that's why we had two torunies that weekend, and
anyone who thinks their good at SSBM should play a REAL fighting game!.

Anywho....after nearly comitting megacide the Weazel met up w. our possee which included the Weazel's bro, Bondage Penquin a quick costume change later, we running around the con as Leon, GTO and Chi from chobits (for embarrassing Weazel pic, check out my gallery). Also between the time span of 6-8, I picked up two blane tapes to record our skit and decided that me and angelwink should adopt Selphie_Fairy as our daughter...so we did (so now i have a daughter the same age of my sis and I'm only 21......looks like I proved all those guidance counselors right). After the FF photoshoot, it was time to record our skit. Slight problem though, the radio we brought, had no mic jack. Admitting defeat, KK Kitty agreed to bring his Boombox tom. We all headed to the dance, had a crazy good time, got them to play the Outlaw Star theme. made sure no guys took advantage of my daughter...and girlfriend, called it a night.

Costume: From 10-10-Axel Lowe
We woke up at 10 to 10, with Carrie cursing about the fact that we were
supposed to be at 8:30, in order to registered for the masquerade, aftering throwing the Weazle out of the bath tube (that's where he slept), i took a shower, and emreged from the potty palace to find Ranman waiting for me...he was late as well, but yeah, we got out collective touces to the masq room and registered for the skit. I kinda got into a lil snafuu with a good friend of mine there, but everything was resolved in a few hours. Anywho, i worked the game room with the eWs crew, until BP and I had to run to our panel, Writing Yor Script. Apparently ppl didnt understand what that meant, seeing how half of the ppl their wanted to know where to submit their ideas for manga and anime series. Best of all, me and BP were the only panelists who bothered to show up. We did sum major improve, and actually managed to run over the 45 minutes we were given...good times.
More game room fun attended second, more crowded but not as funny panel, time to record our skit. After setting up base in the game room it was time to record our skit. Slight problem, needed a new mic. So me and Oshidori baddaded over to Toys R Us, where we spend 30 bucks on the American Idol mic and the Dor the Explorer Tape Recorder. When we retunred, we were down a voice acteress so what to do? We got the Weazel to voice rinoa. After 5 or 6 takes, we had the skit nailed. Carrie and I hit the dance as Rinoa and Leon, and ended up sleeping on YuffieBunny's room floor.

Nothing much to report about the morning. Did our time at the game room, got ready for our skit. Slight problem though, our original Rinoa was no where to be found. WHAT TO DO?!? Luckily Carrie had her Rinoa costume, so all we needed to do was find a body. We did, after 7 or 8 times and lo and behold we performed our skit. THe audience went nuts, and hugs and high fives were distributed. Had to kill time from 7-9, which included a trip to mcdonalds, and a lil snapfu with hotel security, but we returned in time for the closing ceremonies.
Were pratically on the edge of the seats as they announced the winner, gave hollas to the newbie winner, seeing how we chilled with them all weekend, and of coruse, broke out in a hysterical fit when our names were announced as the Journeymen winners. Shout outs were given, prizes where given out, tongues where shoved down Carrie's throat (by me), Fingers were flipped (me again), my ass was Squeezed (by Sean....which was creppy but funny at the same time). We stayed around for a lil bit, took a non-air conditioned subway back to SI where we crashed and burn.

Moral of the story kids? Everyone lies and D&D jokes get ur ass squeezed...thats what i got from this.

09-03-2003, 05:18 PM
and anyone who thinks their good at SSBM should play a REAL fighting game!

That comment's not quite fair, as not only is Smash Bros. an extremely popular game with a surprisingly deep engine, but it shouldn't be compared to other fighters because it's completely different! Sounds to me like you're just bitter at it cuz' it caused people to bitch at you...sure some people are jerks but that doesn't mean you should knock Smash Bros.!

It's better'n Tekken, anyway... :razz:

09-03-2003, 10:21 PM
Which Tekkenwe talking bout? Anything Tekken other than 3 sucked, but if ur talking smack about three, there's a burning headed your way.

09-04-2003, 01:20 PM
Dude, don't listen to him/her/it, I just spent hours playing several HUNDRED matches in Smash Brothers and there is nothing deep about it...And sorry, But Tekken 2 Owned when it was new...anyway, for all those people who love smash brothers, we're not saying it isn't fun to play, but seriously, there's nothing tough about pushing the c-stick toward the guy you want dead...or pressing up+B to knock'em around...

ki kuru kitty
09-04-2003, 01:23 PM
Smash Brothers is just pretty characters duking it out. There no more of a stragedy then button mashing. I'm not saying the game is bad, but its a real stall type game that really really at least me gives me a headache. Its no more then just putting characters from an adventure game into a fighting game.

Trix are for kidz!

09-04-2003, 09:13 PM
"but seriously, there's nothing tough about pushing the c-stick toward the guy you want dead...or pressing up+B to knock'em around..."

Maybe in a free-for-all, but in a 1-vs-1 it's different.
And actually, e\/en in a free-for-for it more than just pushing the C-stick toward the opponent. Combos, Wa\/e-dashing, Power-shielding, Item Catching, L-Canceling, Meteor Smashing, Edge-Guarding, Edge-Hogging...I know I'm forgetting some stuff...short hopping is difficult when you first learn about it...but I don't think that counts. If you think there's no strategy or nothing deep about it, you and/or your opponent(s) aren't playing correctly(I'm sorry if this sounds rude. I don't mean to be. I can't think of a better way to put it).

09-05-2003, 11:12 AM
Whatever, all I know is that SSBM is like 2 years old and the last good nintendo-only fighting since....well SSB back on 64 (which aint saying a lot for the Big N....). And not for nothing, would it kill Nintendo to put sum sort of story in the game? I mean u prob cant have a deep one like the KOFs, The GGs and the Soul series have, but they could have thrown something in there, a la all the verus game capcom crapped out. Beating the game and seeing a picture of Pikachu isnt what I call rewarding....

ki kuru kitty
09-05-2003, 12:40 PM
So Chris I hear you Won with the FFU3 Skit! Pass the booz!

09-11-2003, 11:40 PM
^_^ this con had very good happy ending, i have most on tape.