View Full Version : I would love to model for a cosplay photo shoot (Utah)

03-10-2010, 04:33 PM

I know this is a random post and I hope it is in the right section…If not I am sooooo sorry x_x;; I would actually love to model for a cosplay photo shoot. I am so jealous of the people that actually get to do it! It looks like so much fun! I am not the prettiest woman on the earth but I am not the worst looking either. I have modeled before (back in the day *lol*) but it was never anything serious, I always did it for fun. Which is what I am looking for…I want to do something just for fun and see where it goes from there. I usually have my husband take pictures…..between you and me he does a so-so job. I love his work but the critics do not. ANWHO…if there is anyone in the SLC, UT area that wants to do something let me know! My email is lilitudracula@hotmail.com

There is a Con coming up in Layton, UT October 16-18 at the Davis Convention Center. There are tons of great areas to do photo shoots. Hopefully this year the convention better than last year.

If anyone is interested or is going to be in the area let me know My email is lilitudracula@hotmail.com