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03-15-2010, 03:58 AM
How's it going, cosplayers? I'm Patrick. The photographer. I have several years worth of AnimeExpo attendance under my belt, but I've always gone just for the experience. Usually walking around the trade show and artist alley buying stuff, enjoy being amongst my own kind, and hiding away in those viewing rooms. Only this past year have I started lugging around my heavy camera and started taking photographs (it was just at the last day, and I only took a few in passing). But I'd like to try to set something up outside a convention and choose a nice location, much like how I would set up a conventional photoshoot.

Perhaps I'll do some paid private photoshoots during this year's convention as well. But we'll see how this casting goes first and decide from there.

So here's an open casting call for cosplayers to shoot before July's convention. It'll just be for testing, so I'm not going to charge at this time (well, unless you live far, in which case I might charge for gas). Check out my work on my website, definePatism (http://www.definepatism.com). Let me see what you look like and what kind of cosplay you do/plan to do. It's probably best if you email me, as I don't check this site very often (I should though).

Well, let me know. Laters!

03-17-2010, 09:42 AM
hmm You're actually pretty decent at what you do, hehe, take my picture when I'm at AX please! :D (look for kei yuki from captain herlock or clare from claymore)