View Full Version : A.B.A.'s keys-Not just the big one (Guilty Gear)

03-24-2010, 03:09 AM
So yes, I did do a search on the forum before this and I did look at all of the Tutorial boards, but I didn't see anything that really answers the questions I have, so I'm going to ask them here! Sorry for long post ^^;
Ref: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_LVSxf9eA36M/SAKWrmdY_ZI/AAAAAAAAAEI/Jx9sW-paJGE/s320/aba-stand.gif
This will be my first time making props like this, and what I need to know the best way to make the key on her head, the one on her belt, and of course her giant one.
For the giant one, I wanted to use a pvc pipe for the length, and then make the end of the key and head out of cardboard. Should I put something over the cardboard (like paperclay or wonderflex) before painting it to make it look smoother or more realistic? And is gorilla glue okay for holding everything together?
The keys on her head and belt I don't really know where to begin with. Should I sculpt them out of something? What do you recommend?

03-24-2010, 08:53 PM
There's TONS of tutorials on Paracelsus, so you should search the forums for that.

As for her headkey and belt key, I've seen them done with paper mache and foam- for the headkey just think of it as those arrow through the head headbands, and you can probably screw the pieces of the key to a headband- or even take one of those headbands apart and add keys instead of the arrow pieces.

Make the basic length/pieces with a piece of wooden dowel, carve foam to the right shape, sand, seal, and paint.

The belt key, since her bottoms have grommets, can be lashed onto them with some sort of tie of the same color so it doesn't stand out.