View Full Version : Seeking Roommates

05-19-2010, 02:55 PM
Hi! My best friend and I are having money problems and are in need of some roommates.
She's eighteen, and I'm fifteen.
We will have a suite and are willing to share beds.
We DO both smoke but *obviously* can't in the room.
If you don't mind obscene language.
Your welcome to stay with us. We will have food and tons of space to store things.

We're asking for 50 dollars for the full weekend.
I.E Thursday through Sunday. (But you dont have to come on thurday)
We DO have some rules, but nothing too bad.
1. No random sex in hotel room. Unless your willing for us to record it or something.
2. No jackin' our shit.
3. No raping other people.
4. At least try to get along with everyone, we're really nice.
5. You make a mess, you clean it up.

You WILL get your own roomkey.
Email me at anytime.