View Full Version : Roommates needed

06-22-2010, 07:08 PM
Same deal as countless times before so I'm sure everyone knows the drill. My friend and I have a room at the Tampa Marriott Waterside (http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/tpamc-tampa-marriott-waterside-hotel-and-marina/) for Thursday-Sunday. This hotel is directly across from the convention center. It is located at 700 S Florida Ave if you want to Google map it. Same distance as the con hotel, but without the open air sky way. The room has a fridge, but no microwave.

The price will be $100 a person for all three nights, or $68 for just Friday and Saturday night. We're open to either, and have no problem if you just want to stay during the actual con nights. It isn't the cheapest, but we plan to only have four people in the room. Overcrowding is no fun and we're looking for a drama free room.

We're both females in our early twenties. We don't smoke and prefer that you don't, but note that it's not allowed in the hotel in the first place. Any age is fine, as well as any gender. If you're under 18, I prefer to have parental permission. We don't do drugs, and we aren't going to get trashed and come back to the room. You shouldn't either. We're clean, relatively quiet, and the worst thing you'll have to worry about with us is the fact that we're cosplayers and might explode costume bits.

PM me here for more information or if you're interested!