View Full Version : Hermes Helmet (Need Help either with Tutorial or finding to buy)

07-03-2010, 04:33 PM
Hello, all!~ My gf and I decided we'd be turning our Fursonas from FurryPaws (yay dog show sims XD) into people and that we were going to cosplay as them. My only problem is as follows:

My character Zed, wears a Hermes helmet, like this one: http://files.turbosquid.com/Preview/Content_2009_07_14__11_07_51/1.bmpacfa27a6-f02e-4678-b518-6019323b9f25Large.jpg

And here is the reference sheet for my charry so you can see the hat there as well: http://i45.tinypic.com/2zod5yv.jpg

I need to either get a tutorial on how to make this, or where to buy something like this or at least the base helmet; I can make the wings.

Please respond to the thread, but as it cannot forward to me since someone hacked my Yahoo! account, email me at rini@udel.edu if you could if you have a tutorial or some suggestions for me ;D I need to make this by the 28th at the EXTREMELY latest, so let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks all!~

Elegant Balance
07-12-2010, 11:20 AM
I say find a metal dish, and spray paint. That's all the advice from me. I'm still working on my first costume, so yeah. ^^'

07-15-2010, 06:41 AM
I'm not even sure what to suggest as I'm not sure how that would fit on the mascots head. I can't picture where the ears would go as it doesn't look like the helmet includes the ears? I can't see it sitting inside the two ears as they would mask the wings....