View Full Version : Pattern for Mello costume? (Vest and pants)

Invader Aoi
07-12-2010, 10:27 AM
(Not sure if this is in the right section...sorry >_<)

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good pattern for Mello's outfit from Death Note? It occurred to me that some people might know of some good ones online.

Mello: http://www.psp-themes.net/data/media/3/Mello%20Death%20Note.jpg


07-13-2010, 03:55 AM
Any pants pattern should work. However, make sure the pants are cut in a masculine way and allow room in the front for laces since that's what his pants do.

Vests are relatively easy once you get the hang of them. I actually made my own pattern which was cheaper and much easier than trying to fit commercial pattern pieces on me. Here are steps. It helps to use cheap fabric like muslin first to make the pattern pieces, then cut your expensive material when you are sure it works!

Measure from your shoulder seam down to where you want the vest to fall. Add seam allowance to this measurement. Measure around the WIDEST part of your body where the vest will be. Measure from side seam to side seam either across the front or across your back. Add seam allowance here too. Cut two rectangles of these two measurements (your height x width).

Next, grab someone who you trust with scissors near your body and who has a good eye. Have a reference pic of Mello handy. Lie down on a flat surface and drape one of the rectangles over your body. If you are going to bind, do that before this. Have this person first cut a crescent shape where your arm will come out. Then have them cut from the top at your shoulder and down to make the neck/collar. Only cut to the center line. If you want a more fitted vest, have them cut along your side, scooping in at the right places, etc. Make sure you remember seam allowance! This step can also be done lying on the rectangle, with a drawing utensil and a steady hand.

That done, fold it over and make a mirror image on the same rectangle. Then pin it to your other uncut rectangle. Cut it the same way, except for the neckhole. You can change it and make it look however you want, but make sure the shoulder pieces are the same length and line up. You can change the style and depth of the scoop, but not the width.

That done, pin it or baste stitch it together. Cut a line down the center and remember you will have a zipper there. Try it on. Take it in or if it's too small, try again and leave more of a seam allowance. Once it fits, use it as a pattern. The best part? It probably only cost about $5 or less and you spent as much time making it as you would have spend cutting a commercial pattern.