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07-13-2010, 05:10 PM
Hey so im trying to cosplay as Dell Honne.

I found a good top,belt,trousers,and tie for about 37 dollars which isnt all that bad. but i cant seem to find a good wig, pair of shoes, or headset. would anyone have any links?

for shoes i was either looking for a white or grey pair.
and i dont know which wig and how to style it. anyone know how?
also. would buying a butterfly headset and a purple megaphoen be alright? or should i go like the original design?
Thanks :)
Dell Honne Reference Picture (http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc55/darkqueen011/dell_honne.jpg)

outfit : www.milanoo.com/Vocaloid-Dell-Honne-Cosplay-Costume-p23520.html

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07-29-2010, 11:24 AM
I know this is kinda late but if it still helps...
The Dell Honne from my group bought the Jareth wig from here: http://kingdom-arts.org/colors.html I believe.
My friend styled it for him, though, but if you get a tutorial for how to style Len's hair, it's basically the same.
our Dell Honne: http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae325/anime_expo2010/Katherines%20Album/DSC05467.jpg