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07-14-2010, 11:03 PM
Ok, so I'm planing on attending Comic Con 2011 and I would REALLY like to cosplay as Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue the first couple of days and then as Poison Ivy ala Gotham City Sirens for the last day (or two if I'm up for it) that I'm there. Since I'm totally new to cosplay (I've only had one prior experience being a Bubble head nurse from Silent Hill before). I'd like all the tips, advice, and recommendations I can get ASAP so I can be completely prepared to take on this arduous Cosplay task.

So, my main concern is what to do about Ivy. I *THINK/HOPE* I can handle Litchi on my own >.<

Here are some reference pics for Ivy:




Now I'd much rather do body paint over a body stocking, but I'm not counting it out entirely. I'd really like to have a body paint that will last through out the day(s?) and not smudge or streak under harsh conditions. From the research I've done here are some body paints within my price range that I'm considering:

Kryolan Aquacolor in GR.42 (2-3.5oz containers)
Kryolan Aquacolor Liquid (Green - 120 ml, White - 30ml) (http://www.facechange.com/cart/agora.cgi?cart_id=9749535.70730*d_3998&keywords=kryolan&user4=body&ppinc=1a)

PAX Paint (http://www.fxwarehouse.info/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=FW&Product_Code=987&Category_Code=PAX)

Mehron Fantasy F-X (3-1oz Teal, 1-1oz Green) (http://www.mardigrascostumeshop.com/store/fantasy-f-x-teal-ffx-t-p30673.html)

Snazaroo in Pastel Green/Pale Green (http://www.facechange.com/cart/agora.cgi?cart_id=9749535.70730*Sa5986&keywords=snaz&user5=ind&ppinc=1a)

Ben Nye MagiColor (3-1oz Green, 1-1oz White) (http://www.sillyfarm.com/beneye.html)

As you can probably tell I'm going for sponge application, not airbrushing. It's a little pricey, though I do have a small airbrusher. IF I can find a cost effective durable body paint I may go for that instead. I'm trying to get around 4oz of whatever paint I end up picking. Should that be enough? I also plan on buying whatever finishing/sealing/setting spray that go with these paints (if any). I'm curious as to whether or not my tan skin (I'm Hispanic) will affect how well the color comes out, if so, should I apply a white/light color base coat first?

I'm also considering wearing either some Peavey or Tamara pantyhose (the kind Hooters Girls wear) and just dying them a light green color and only painting my upper body. But I'm not sure.

Now on to the outfit itself.

I plan on buying this for her suit:


and altering the back slightly so it ends more narrowly instead of round. I'll also be using sewn/glued on leaves to help add to the "V" back effect. I currently have this suit in a size that's way too big. I'm only 5'2 so it's pretty long on me, as well as being too big around. AND I do plan on losing quite a bit of weight for this event. I have a year people!

Since I've actually had a chance to see how this outfit functions I'm comfortable with it, plus I can still have gravity defying cleavage thanks to the removable straps which can be connected to the very tips of the cups in a halter top fashion. The straps will either be clear or dyed/painted to match my Ivy skin tone, and *should* be concealed by the wig I'll be wearing. I may also use Bare Lifts (http://www.barelifts.com/) for some extra support, but we'll see.

My main concerns with the outfit is A) How should I color it? and B) How can I alter it in such a way that I'll have that plunging "V" in front and STILL keep my boobs squished together? And yes, there is a fair amount to work with, I'm a D cup.

For the coloring, I was thinking either Spray Paint or Fabric Dye, maybe even Acrylic Paint; but I'm really not sure. What works best? The outfit itself is a light peachy tan color, very sheer and stretchy. I'm worried if I spray paint it it'll get stiff and icky/misshapen.

For the "V" plunge in front I was thinking I could cut off/sew the small area where the cup under wires end on the inner side of the cup and just angle it so I get a nice V shape. BUT that would leave me with the dilemma of having cups that don't really have anything keeping them close together, and Ivy's bosoms are pretty darn close to each other! I was thinking maybe if I found a thin but sturdy piece of metal or plastic I could sew it in to inner part of the cups/right under the V plunge. But where would I find such a thing? And even if I found something suitable, would it be obviously visible through the outfit?

I know, I know. I could just NOT have the ridiculously squished together cleavage and just rock the natural gap between my breasts, but I don't wanna :'(

OK, so, sorry this post is kind of lengthy. If anyone actually read through it all I thank you. If you read this AND have helpful advice then I love you! n.n Really guys, any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

07-25-2010, 04:02 PM
I'm not sure if you're still looking for some tips, but here we go!

I can't really help with with bodypaint, I've never worked with it myself. A body stocking might still be a good idea only because they're just much easier and much faster. Although, then you definitely won't be able to show the cleavage that Ivy rocks. So far, I like the idea of using green stockings and the body paint the best, that way you've only got to paint half of your body!

To color the leotard, don't use spray paint! It will crack and just look awful. I would suggest dying it to the shade you want using RIT dye.

I like the idea of using the barelifts if they'll work for you. I'd be wary though, it seems like they'll not be enough support for a D. And it might make it difficult to make Ivy's cleavage happen because if they pull up, will it also work to have the skin pulled up and then pushed in? Is it possible to put some more padding or even cups that you can find in sewing stores into the leotard? Take some of the padding or the gel inserts found in push up bras and place them inside of the cups in the leotard. This should work.
If you want to make more of a V in the center, but keep the cleavage, another idea might be using clear elastic (like the kind on the clear bra straps) to pull the top together? I've seen it on some gunner yuna outfits to help with the plunge going on in her outfit as well. You'll be able to see it, but it will pull the top together and also help push you together too! Otherwise, I'd just suggest a lot of dress tape, padding on the inside and hunt in your local Victoria's secret or lingerie stores for backless/strapless bras and the stick on type of bras.

This was a bit lengthy, and a tad late, but I do help I helped a bit. :)

07-28-2010, 01:01 PM
Body paint = sealer. Look here (http://www.stageandtheatermakeup.com/bnseal.htm) for good products. And I agree, you would want to dye the bodysuit rather than paint it. Paint won't hold up to the physical stress.

Good luck! :D

07-28-2010, 06:46 PM
Thanks guys! n.n

The clear plastic to help in the cleavage area intrigues me...I wonder though if it would make my cleavage paint smear easier since I *assume* it'd get sweatier than the rest of me :/ Hmm...

As for dyeing the body suit, should I bleach it first or will the RIT color take over the light tan of the suit?

I'm still open to more ideas and suggestions :)

And also, I have almost a whole year to get tips! Lol. >.<

07-29-2010, 11:44 PM
It might make it smear a bit since the skin would really rub against it more. I'd do a test run with it, just to be on the safe side. And that sealer stuff that DarkBaroness mentioned sounds like the ultimate godsend here. Give that a shot! I feel it will work.

I'm not sure which is better, but search for information about dying them and I'm sure you'll find something. :)

08-01-2010, 11:01 PM
That body-suit is excellent! I may actually use it for my Ivy costume as well. I've been looking for something that I'm going to cover in fabric however, which I would actually suggest that for you-to get the bodysuit and then get the right fabric and sew it onto the bodysuit. That way you'll get a better texture for the suit and you don't have to mess with dying it, since the Rit dye is sometimes tough to achieve even color.

They also make fabric paints if you want to paint on the color and maybe even use two greens to add some texture.