View Full Version : How can I make "this" part???

07-15-2010, 08:35 PM
I apologize if this is the wrong location for this.

This is my first time ever cosplaying so naturally I have no idea what Im doing beyond the basics and common sense.

Below I have attached a picture of what Im trying to do.

The first picture is/was the original idea.
The second one, "male version" is as the name says, the male version. Im a boy so I dont want to crossplay this.

Either way, male or female there are lots of similarities. Such as the feet and the head piece and arm armor.

Im sure I can buy the shirt and shrots at goodwill or somthing. The tail is easy to make.

But I need help with the feet.
What is the best way to make the feet look like the original picture???

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.

08-28-2010, 09:28 AM
I don't think I'm uh... reviving this one... but if I am. Whoops. o_o;;

For the feet, you could buy some high-density foam from a fabric store (I know that at least Hancock Fabrics and JoAnn have it) and sculpt foam over a pair of old comfy shoes. Then you can just cover it with some sort of fabric that you're using for the rest of the costume.