View Full Version : So... Death Note

07-17-2010, 02:46 PM
Well. I was planning to be Lulu from Final Fantasy X... But the costume wont be done on time -sigh-. So its cosplay cop-out time! woo. Misa-Misa time. I do have a pretty legit costume, it is one Misa wore (more like the figurine version though, this one--> http://media.photobucket.com/image/misa%20figurine/claudiata_blood/Misa_Amane_RAH.jpg ) Not just random hottopic clothes... and the wig is pretty nice. A little dark. But its nice.

My boyfriend has a Light cosplay and we did it last year together, but due to my job loss we cant get the hotel so ill be commuting from home with my sister and my boyfriend is not very likely to come with me -sigh-.
So yeah Im sure ill run into plenty there, but just throwing it out there that id like to meet up with some decent Lights and Ls and DN etc for some pictures, maybe even to hang out with in a group because its really no fun wandering a con by yourself =(... And im not to keen on chilling with my 13 year old sister and her pre teen friends. ((Im 18 myself)).