View Full Version : Want a photoshoot in Paris ? You may want to contact us !

07-21-2010, 04:04 AM
Say you're in Paris, France, for a few days or more, and would like a photoshoot in this beautiful city. Problem is : you don't know anyone there, even less a photographer.

Hopefully, you can contact Objectif Costumes. We're a group of photographers who love cosplay, with decent equipment, and willing to do photoshoots for free. If we can arrange one for you, we'll make sure to find the best location for your costume !

Just come to our forum : http://forum.objectif-costumes.fr/, introduce yourself and ask for a shoot in the 'Demande de shooting' section. It's not a problem if you post in English rather than French, most of us understand it ^^

Feel free to also check our website (in French only, but plenty photos) : http://www.objectif-costumes.fr/