View Full Version : What material should be used to make this cosplay?

07-22-2010, 01:15 PM
I'm planning on cosplaying Holy Roman Empire (RomaHeta version) from Axis Powers Hetalia. He sort of wears this light knight/crusader outfit.

References: one (http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae186/fffrankie/HRE%20Chibitalia/roma/9182389-1.jpg) two (http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae186/fffrankie/HRE%20Chibitalia/roma/8801682_p0-1.jpg) three (http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae186/fffrankie/HRE%20Chibitalia/roma/9456958-1.jpg)

What material should I use to make for the white cloth for the costume/cape?
I'm especially clueless on what to use for the golden part for the collar of the cape?
Actually, if anybody has idea what the golden part of the costume is called that would be helpful too. XD;;

Suggestions for the material of the gloves/belt would be nice too! I'm thinking like a leather like material, but I don't want to go overboard. My budget for the costume is around $250 or so.

Thanks for reading! Seriously, any suggestion or comment would be awesome. :3

07-22-2010, 10:53 PM
You could just go with a heavy weight cotton for most of the the cosplay. The reason I say that is because the way the fabric drapes. It's looks very heavy and sturdy, stuck in place I would say. Even a heavy cotton/polyester suiting would work.

The gold part could just be a bib, I know it sounds funny but it looks like a fancy golden embroidered cloth that he wears over the jacket. The pants are like those puffy kingdom hearts pants. Gloves are a pain to make, but for those I reccomend a 2 way or 4 way stretch knit.

Here are some patterns I found that might help:
Top: http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m4745-products-7030.php?page_id=493
Cape: http://www.simplicity.com/p-3057-mens-costumes.aspx
Pants: http://www.simplicity.com/p-2089-costumes.aspx
Gloves: http://sew-ing.com/make/gloves.html

hope this helps.

07-23-2010, 09:01 AM
Actually, the shirt he's got under the cape is most likely just a tunic. Period tunics (http://www.virtue.to/articles/tunic_worksheet.html) are pretty simple to make once you know what you're doing, and there's very little wasted fabric. For a knee-length tunic, you can skip the front and back gussets. That tutorial will be much simpler than the civil war jacket pattern, believe me.

The collar thing looks like it might be what's holding the cape on, in which case you're going to need it to fasten down the front. The cape can probably be done just as a rectangle, fastened to the collar. You'll need a pattern for the collar mind you, and for fabric for it I suggest using something heavy, and then lining it. Upholstery fabric might be neat.

More period-ish pants. (http://www.renaissancetailor.com/demos_recpants.htm)

Dunno about others, but since Hetalia is supposed to be historical and seems to be pretty well-researched, I kinda like putting the effort in to have it be historically accurate (within reason). Crusaders would have been around twelfth to thirteenth centuries, so you're talking mostly rectangular construction (like the tutorials I linked you to), and some mixing of westernwear with more eastern influences. For instance, in the reference pic, his tunic looks pretty typical of what most of Europe was wearing at the time, but his pants are Middle-eastern. The crusaders brought home all kinds of fun luxury goods from the Middle-east, like silk fabric, which is probably what the collar would have been made of. (Period silks were usually much heavier than what we think of now, with more brocade being used.) Tunic and pants were probably either linen or wool, so use something medium to heavy-weight. Same goes for the cape.